The regions of Baden-Württemberg and Hesse have been removed from the Luca-App

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The cities of Baden-Württemberg and Hesse also allow the contract with Luca . to expire

Almost all countries are checking contracts – some have already been terminated

The Luca app should facilitate the fight against the epidemic. She was celebrated, but she was also much criticized. Data custodians have security concerns and there are also increasing cases where police have wanted to get data from the app. Contracts with federal states now expire.

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Baden-Württemberg and Hesse will not extend the contract with the Luca app. Instead, the Corona Warning app should be used. These aren’t the first federal states to stop using the app. Critics have come across the concept of centralized data storage.

DrThe state of Baden-Württemberg no longer wants to use the Luca app for contact tracing in the future. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed to dpa on Wednesday in Stuttgart that the contract with the program’s private operator would not be extended beyond the end of March. Health Minister Man Lucha (Green Party) wanted to inform the Social Affairs Committee on Wednesday afternoon of the expected government decision.

Hesse will not extend her contract with the Luca app either. “We weighed the costs and benefits against each other and ultimately came to the conclusion that we will not continue to cooperate beyond the end of March 2022,” Health Minister Kai Klose (Greens) said on Wednesday in Wiesbaden. “During the events of the epidemic from spring to autumn of 2021, Luca also contributed to better and faster tracing of people in contact with infected people in the state of Hesse,” he explained.

Protection of vulnerable groups and sensitive facilities has remained the focus for several months, such that comprehensive follow-up is no longer necessary. Klose explained that of the nearly 37,000 Luca sites registered in Hesse, only a fraction have actively used the app. There were almost no inquiries to Luca from the health authorities either.

Criticisms of centralized data storage

In the past year, many restaurant owners and event organizers have used the Luca app to record their visitors’ contacts, as required by law, without paperwork. Now people should use the free app to warn of Corona. However, you must continue to use the Luca app until the end of March. A recent hearing in the Southwest revealed that many health authorities consider Luca to be unnecessary and highly inaccurate.

The Luca app was launched with great expectations a good year ago. However, the system has been repeatedly criticized. Skeptics of Luca are particularly bothered by the concept of centralized data storage. They also doubt that Luca’s system can effectively support health authorities.

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The volume of contracts concluded with 13 federal states (all except Saxony, Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia) amounted to €20 million per year, including VAT. Schleswig-Holstein has already given notice.


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