Moers is under stress with Christmas in January

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Moyers under Christmas stress – in January

Planning has already begun for the next Christmas market in Moers Planning has already begun for the next Christmas market in Moers

Planning has already begun for the next Christmas market in Moers

Source: dpa / Nadine Weigl

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Think it’s too early to show birthday cakes on the shelves right after summer? And it gets worse: The City of Moers is already nervous about Christmas in January.

eEleven months before Christmas, Moyers is in the midst of the chaos of Christmas. The nerve-racking question is: Where should the next Christmas market take place? In the town on the Lower Rhine, people have been dreaming of a market around the castle for years and days. City marketing in particular is dreaming of this.

Because Christmas and a castle and a snowman at the end – it couldn’t be more romantic. Something like this can be marketed very well. You can already hear the ringing of cash registers at Christmas.

Now that the corresponding areas were newly paved and more work was completed on the castle, it turned out that the showmen didn’t want it. They just don’t want to go to the castle. They want to stay where they are: at Kastellplatz, their traditional place, just a few steps from the castle.

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Spring has not yet begun when the end of the year casts a shadow and the already bleak start of the year darkens. And a solution is not in sight any time soon, and this is also due to the fact that the situation is more complex than what has been presented so far. Because the exhibitors may not be able to stay in the fort yard.

May have to be converted into a storage area for a major construction site – the canals in the city center need rehabilitation. Then where do we go with the show guys? Christmas market? Does he go into exile in Duisburg? Will Christmas at Moers be cancelled?

It’s amazing what January has in store for you, year-end fears. However, one thing is good: Psychologically, dealing with comfortable and distant events is a good tactic. With their help, pull yourself over the dreary pestilence situation like a rope.

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