Jungle Camp: RTL cancels testing due to strong winds

panorama strong wind blowing

This has never happened before – RTL skips the “Jungle Camp” test

Harald Glöckler (right) should have passed the test Harald Glöckler (right) should have passed the test

Harald Glöckler (right) should have passed the test

Source: RTL / Photo: RTL

“Stars on the Abyss” was the name of the audition that fashion star Harald Glockler and reality star Linda Nobat have been waiting for at RTL’s “Forest Camp”. But due to a strong wind, nothing happened. RTL decided to take a previously unique step.

DrNever-before-seen hat: RTL has released a jungle camp quiz and given it the highest score without any consideration. The reason was strong winds in the place, a very deep valley in southern Africa.

“In fact, this is the first time in the history of jungle camp that there is no audition on the show,” RTL said Wednesday night. “Unusual challenges have always been offset, alternative exams have taken place or candidates have not participated of their own free will.”

Fashion star Harald Glockler and reality star Linda Nobat had to queue to jump from a trampoline into a net suspended vertically over an abyss. In the “Stars on the Abyss” test, both candidates appeared visibly nervous despite the safety gear. According to Glockler, he has a fear of heights.

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Janina Yousefian during her jungle audition

Moderators Sonia Zittlow and Daniel Hartwich delayed the test of courage due to unexpectedly strong winds. In the end, they left the examinees alone and the camp doctor, Dr. Bob took over.

Dr. Bob left and came back, saying, “I have news for you. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that you can’t do the jungle test. The wind is still blowing hard. But the good news is: because you were so patient and because nature is nature: we give you all ten stars.” A feast for the camp.

Glockler’s Report on Communication with the Afterlife

What prompted the participants of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”? Actress Anushka Renzi has caused abuse on several occasions, especially with Jasmine Herren, but also with Tina Rowland, who saw herself in need of justification because of her vegan diet. Glockler reported his contacts with his deceased mother in the afterlife.

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ATTENTION: The ban period for all media is until Saturday, 22/01/2022, 00:35!!!  First day at camp.  Eric Stefest (left), Anushka Renzi and Harald Glockler at their first dinner.  Use of software-related materials is permitted only with reference to and link to RTL+.

The previous day’s racism scandal, which led to Janina Yousefian being fired, no longer plays a role in the show that aired.

Tara Tabitha is scheduled for a jungle test on Wednesday. Because of Corona, the show is being set up in South Africa rather than Australia.


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