Hamburg: CDU calls for more support for industry

Hamburg strategy paper

CDU in Hamburg calls for more support for the industry

Business reporter Olaf Breus

Gotze Weese is the economic policy spokesperson for the Christian Democratic Union's parliamentary group Gotze Weese is the economic policy spokesperson for the Christian Democratic Union's parliamentary group

Gotze Weese is the economic policy spokesperson for the Christian Democratic Union’s parliamentary group

Source: Berthold Fabricius / the world

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The parliamentary group is pushing for a stronger political commitment from the Senate to the manufacturing sector, to provide more space and greater efforts to attract companies.

DrFrom the CDU’s point of view in the Hamburg parliament, the red and green Hamburg Senate does little to boost industry at the site. The largest opposition party in the Hamburg parliament presented a strategy paper with its ideas for better industrial policy on Monday.

At the same time, the leaders of the parliamentary group used the date to harshly criticize the economic policy of the Senate. “Hamburg should not become a purely commercial capital, but also an industrial location,” said Dennis Tring, leader of the CDU’s parliamentary group. “The Senate, made up of the Social Democrats and the Greens, has no concept of industrial policy, it is just correcting things. Hamburg as an industrial location should become more attractive.”

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The Port of Hamburg is the largest contiguous industrial area in Germany. The core of this is the metal manufacturers Aurubis, Trimet and ArcelorMittal. Hamburg’s industry also includes many food and raw material manufacturers such as the port’s ADM oil mill or the starch manufacturer Ingredion. About the Airbus plant in the Elbe, with Lufthansa Technik in Volsbüttel and several suppliers, Hamburg is the world’s third largest site for the construction of civil aircraft. Companies involved in life sciences and body cosmetics are also a major factor, including the only Hamburg-listed group, Beiersdorf, the manufacturer of Nivea, among others.

Goetz Weese, Parliament’s economic policy spokesman, criticized that the Senate was “putting obstacles in the way of industry rather than calming it”. The economic powerhouse was not “equipped with the leadership it needs to be an engine of prosperity, progress, and jobs,” Wiese personally addressed to the senator responsible for economics and innovation, Michael Westagman (Independent).

Approval procedures for settlements and company expansions must be simplified and speeded up, and the space available for industrial firms must be improved – also because Hamburg manages its scarce space more efficiently: “The space efficiency of the city is by no means exhausted,” Wiese said. “And when it comes to the localization of new businesses, Hamburg generally has to cooperate closely with neighboring countries in the metropolitan area, where there is more space.”

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From the CDU’s point of view, the rapid energy transition also provides opportunities to settle companies that produce technologies for renewable energies. However, Hamburg is in strong competition with already established sites – especially in East Germany, where the solar industry is growing again, as it was at the turn of the millennium. On the other hand, the offshore wind energy industry, with its large components, is mainly oriented towards coastal locations. Wiese left it open as to which companies should be flirting with Hamburg in particular.

From the CDU’s point of view, however, it is clear that the site of the now decommissioned Vattenfall hard coal power plant should serve as the nucleus for an industrial “power port”. The Senate should take a more explicit position here, and take, for example, similar proposals from the Chamber of Commerce. On the outskirts of the port, the economy increasingly competes with the needs of housing construction as well as nature and environmental protection. “We stand by the container port of Hamburg, it must be the best and most efficient container port in the world,” Wiese said. “But we also want the port to be further developed as a global port, and therefore also as an industrial port.”


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